Which gym workouts have to avoid with weak lower back?

If you have a weak lower back, it is important to be cautious with certain gym workouts to prevent further strain or injury. Here are some exercises you may want to avoid or modify:

1. Deadlifts: This exercise puts a significant amount of stress on the lower back, so it may be best to avoid it or use lighter weights if your lower back is weak. If you still want to incorporate deadlifts into your routine, consider using proper form and consulting with a fitness professional for guidance.

2. Heavy squats: Squats can also place strain on the lower back, especially when using heavy weights. If you have a weak lower back, consider performing squats with lighter weights or using a squat variation that puts less stress on the lower back, such as goblet squats or front squats.

3. Good mornings: Good mornings involve bending forward at the hips while holding a barbell across your shoulders. This exercise can put excessive strain on the lower back and may not be suitable for individuals with weak lower backs.

4. Standing overhead press: This exercise requires stability from the core, including the lower back. If your lower back is weak, it may be best to avoid this exercise or perform it with lighter weights until your strength improves.

5. Russian twists: This abdominal exercise involves twisting from side to side, which can strain the lower back. It may be more appropriate to choose other core exercises that put less stress on the lower back, such as planks or bird dogs.

Remember, it is always recommended to consult with a qualified fitness professional or physical therapist who can assess your specific condition and provide tailored advice and modifications based on your individual needs.

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